Dorianna - Catherine Stine
I really enjoyed this book. I loved the idea of a modern day reimagining of Dorian Gray and just had to read this book. I read Dorian Gray for a class assignment a couple years ago and watched the movie as well, so I was familiar with the story. While there are several similarities in Dorianna, it is also very different. Dorianna desperately wants to be popular.
She meets Wilson

Wilson starts filming her and his videos make her look amazing.

When Wilson asks her what price she would pay to have beauty and youth forever, she says she would give her soul. After that everything changes, she becomes more beautiful and they make more videos and they start social media accounts.
She starts calling herself Sun Girl and tries to remain a mystery to everyone until her first party where she will reveal herself as Sun Girl.

She starts throwing more parties, but as she gains more followers and uses her "power" over people, her beautiful videos start taking on these strange and creepy changes.

Soon everything spirals out of control and Dorianna finds herself unable to handle what she has become. She has herself committed, so she can't cause any more trouble. I really enjoyed the ending, it was kind of sad in a way, but also happy.
I would definitely recommend this book!