The Night - Natasha Larry
This book is absolutely AMAZING! In exchange for an honest review, this book was sent to me in the afternoon and once I started I couldn't stop reading. I tell you nothing got done at my house that day, and after the third or fourth "I'll cook supper in a minute" they finally gave up and ordered pizza. This book takes place over the course of one night, and it is definitely one hell of a night. This book put me through so much. One minute I was frustrated, ready to pull my hair out, and then I would be ready to cry. So many times I was like "Aww so sweet. ♥" "What a bitch!" "Punch her in the throat!" "Gah what are thinking?!?!" "Noooo don't go!" "Idiot!" "YES!"
SO. MANY. EMOTIONS. I really felt like I just went through everything right along with Kinsley, and really I did because I was so sucked in to the story. I highly highly recommend this book! It is hard to even put words together to fully express how incredible this story is.