Bayou Wolf - Debbie Herbert
This is Tallulah's story and the third book in the series. We first Tallulah in book one, Bayou Shadow Hunter. I hated her so much in that book, she was such a bitch, I wanted her to get ate my some huge evil creature or something. By the end of the book I thought maybe she wasn't so bad, just misunderstood. In book two, Bayou Shadow Protector, she was right back to being an awful cow, and I hated her all over again. Once again by the end of the book I thought maybe she isn't so bad, I just couldn't figure her out. So when I found out that Tallulah was getting her own book, I was like "YES! I'M FINALLY GONNA GET HER!" She is so freaking stubborn and you just want to punch her and shake her sometimes, but I decided that I love her. Loved the story! I think this is my favorite one of the series. Highly recommend!