Chasing Forever Down - Nikki Godwin
Haley meets this mysterious guy, and they seem to have some sort of understanding of each other, but the next morning he doesn't show up where they were supposed to meet. She never even got his name, but through some digging she found out that he was the supposedly dead son of a local couple. She gets a few leads and she, along with her best friend, decides to track him down. Her best friend, Linzi, is that slutty best friend that is just a perfect amount of bad influence to get you to have fun, but I'm not so sure if I like her, slutty friends usually end up stabbing you in the back.
I LOVE the whole "mysterious guy that gets me" thing. I thought "oh how sweet she is gonna track him down and they are gonna love each other (swoon)" That DOES NOT happen, but that's OK. I also love a good road trip and they were tracking down those clues, it was like one of those Geo Caching hunts. They do find him though in California, only he is like some local celebrity named Colby Taylor and everyone treats them like stupid little fan girls. Colby has these body guards that they have to get past if they want to see him. My favorite character is AJ. Everyone sees AJ as this bad boy, trouble maker, but he is actually a really sweet and amazing person. I won't say WHO Haley ended up with, you will just have to read for yourself, but it was NOT who I expected. And I kind of think Colby Taylor might be bat shit crazy; I don't know we’ll see. Luckily the next two books are already out and after you love this one you don't have to wait for the next two.
This book has awakened my gypsy soul and given me a serious case of wanderlust. I sometimes find myself shaking my leg and wanting to run when I am sitting around not doing anything.