Half-Mortal - Heidi Garrett
Such an awesome book! This is book 2 and I have not read book 1, but I did not feel lost while reading it. I do want to go back and read book 1 though. Melia is the main character in the book and she has several friends that support her, but her best friend is a little pixie named Tatou.
Everyone is trying to figure out what to do about Umbra, a darkness that wants to be incarnated, and depending on the person can be used to create or destroy. The person that incarnates Umbra has to has mortal blood and faerie blood. Melia's sister has already failed. Another mortal with faerie blood, whom is in the mortal world has refused him. Melia has refused him, so far, but her friends think she should be the one to do it, except for Ryder, the man Melia is in love with. Umbra chooses a mortal by the name of Jade and she wants to do it. Melia and Ryder go to the mortal world to warn Jade and her mother, Lola about Umbra. They end up bringing them back home with them after an assassin, sent by Princess Lilliane, comes to the mortal world. Jade has already been contacted by Umbra and she is ready to incarnate him, but Melia has decided that she needs to do it to put and end to the war between dark and light. Everyone tries to warn Jade about Umbra, but she won't listen. She starts doing terrible things like trying to come between Ryder and Melia. She even made her own mother ill as a distraction so she could search for the special basin and sword she needs to do the incarnation. She still won't listen to everyone's warnings about Umbra though.
It is decided that Jade and Melia have to participate in a competition to determine who will be the one to incarnate umbra.
This is a really exciting story that I highly recommend reading. Lots of action and even a guy getting beat up by a girl.