Bayou Shadow Hunter - Debbie Herbert
I was SUPER lucky to get a signed copy of this book and HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK IS HOT!!!
I love Annie she has this really cool power, that she hates, but if she can just learn to control it, the power is a very important and helpful tool in defeating evil.
Annie sees a light one night and goes into the woods to investigate. The light is the trapped soul of a man that asks her to find a guy named Tombi and deliver a message. As soon as the soul disappears she runs into this incredibly hot guy, that turns out to be Tombi, and she feels this attraction to him.
Together Annie and Tombi team up to fight against the evil Nalusa. Tombi's tribe is not as accepting as Tombi and is suspicious of Annie, so they make things a little bit rough, until they figure out they can trust her. The chemistry between Tombi and Annie is so hot you will need a glass of ice water when you read this. I highly recommend this book! I am looking forward to the next standalone book in this series.