Absolution - Amanda  Dick
This book was a little different than what I normally read, but it really hit home for me. When I was 16 I was in a car accident, the car rolled several times before coming to a rest on its side against a tree. When I read this book and the description of the accident, I had flashbacks to that day. I was partially ejected from the vehicle; I had a back injury and concussion. My friend, the driver, was uninjured. I was not paralyzed; I had a bulging disc still do 20 years later. I was very lucky that I was not more severely injured.
Ally showed remarkable strength. She never wanted to be a problem for the people she loved, and she hid a lot of her pain from them. She refused to give in, and be a fragile needy person. She is a better person that I am, I don’t know what I would have done if I would have ended up in a wheelchair.
Jack…..I wish my friend showed as much concern about me as Jack did for Ally. He left because he felt guilty. My friend did not feel guilty at all. Not that she had anything to feel guilty for, but a little “how does your back feel” goes along way. Yes Jack left Ally, but he left because he felt like he did something wrong and that she would hate him for it. He tortured himself for years over this, literally.
Callum is a great friend, he stood by Ally’s side when didn’t have to, and he took good care of her. After he got past his initial anger for Jack, I was glad to see him start to protect him. He took care of Jack just like he did with Ally. He had good instincts when he ran into the guys at Jacks house and he tried not to give anything away. Everyone should have a friend like Callum in their life.