Inside Out - Lia Riley
This is the final book for Talia and Bran. It is amazing to see how much each of them has grown over the course of their story. In Sideswiped Bran was the frustrating one, but Talia was the one making me want to choke her just a little this time. She turned things around quickly though, all it took was a little shower scene. ;) Who wouldn't snap out of a depression after that?! This was a good conclusion, but I would love to see at least a little more of their story, as I am sure many others would agree with me. It is hard to let go of the characters you have grown to love so much. This is a beautiful series and I highly recommend it. I need to go to Australia!
I received this book in exchange for an honest review as part of the blog tour. I then later won a paperback in the Goodreads First Reads contest.