Fractured Light - Rachel McClellan
I love, love, LOVED it!!!!! In the beginning of the story Llona is quiet and keeps to herself. She doesn't want to draw the attention of anyone. She keeps people a distance and it doesn't seem like she is a very happy girl. Her parents are both dead and she lives with her uncle that spends all his time playing video games, and being depressed. Llona is an Aura, someone that can control light and harness its energy. Vykens are these vampireish creatures that feed on Auras. A Vyken killed her parents. Llona and her uncle have spent the last few years moving around because Llona is worried that Vykens with find her and kill her too. She has lost so much to Vykens and that is why she doesn't want to get close to anyone and pushes people away.
After a big blow up with her uncle, he snaps out of his misery and gets a job and encourages Llona to do the same and have fun. Llona starts to come out of her shell and starts making friends, but the Vyken that killed her parents comes after her. By the end of the book Llona is NOT the same girl, like at all! She is confident, she can use her power, she is stronger and she has a best friend. It is amazing how much she grows throughout this story. I loved watching her transformation. This is a definite must read, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! ♥♥♥♥