Blind Side - K.B.  Nelson
Another amazing story from K.B. Nelson. I have loved everything that this author has published. He is one of the most talented authors that I have read. When I read books in general, I get lost in them and I become unaware of everything going on around me. When I read something by K.B. Nelson it is a completely different experience altogether. I not only get lost in the story, but I also find myself fascinated by every single part of it, the words, the story line, the characters, everything. It is a feeling that is hard to describe. I think that this book is now my favorite of all his books because I know what it feels like to both hate and love someone at the same time. I know what it feels like to be torn between wanting to run away and wanting to stay. I could totally relate to Stassi in the way she was so vicious with her words toward her husband and it had me wondering if there was a hidden camera somewhere in my house. The ending once again had me wanting to seek therapy to talk about my feelings. I felt mixed up because I wasn't sure at first if I was happy about the ending, but I finally realized that it did in fact end the way it should have.
I can't wait to find out what comes next from this author.