Shattering Halos - Sunniva Dee
WOW! AMAZING! This book was awesome; I can't wait until the next book,Stargazer!
I was excited for this book to come out; I just knew it was going to be awesome. Once I started reading it I knew I was right, I could not put it down, and it was awesome! Some people have compared Shattering Halos to Twilight without the vampires, yeah maybe the forbidden love part and the fact that Gabriel tries, at first, to suppress his feelings of Gaia and is protective of her. Maybe a little bit of Vampire Diaries with good brother, bad brother, two brothers hot, and they both try to keep Gaia safe. Shattering Halos has it all romance, great characters, beautiful angels, and a good ol’ fashioned heaven vs hell showdown. I love the way Sunniva Dee did the POV in this book, it is a very original idea, I have never read a book like this, it is freaking AWESOME! Want to know what I am talking about? READ THE BOOK! On a scale of 1 – 5 stars I would give this book 20 stars if I could!